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Power: 1,200 HP
Engine: Pratt and Whitney PT6A-67B
Cruise speed: 460 km/h (250 kn)
Passenger capacity: 9
Cabin: 4 ft 10 in height and 16 ft 11 in length
Length: 47 ft 3 in length and 14 ft 0 in height



  • Basic empty weight : 5900 lbs
  • Maximum gross weight : 9921 lbs
  • Payload : 1800 lbs


  • Basic empty weight : 6040 lbs
  • Maximum gross weight : 10 450 lbs
  • Payload : 2200 lbs
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PILATUS PC-12 - Image
« Our PC-12 aircraft offer unparalleled flexibility in modern surroundings »

Jimmy Emond

President of Panorama Aviation













A revolutionary Swiss-made aircraft designed for northern operations.

First operated in 1989, there are now over 1,200 PC-12s in operation worldwide. A single-engine turboprop aircraft, it is the only in its class to be approved for passenger transport in instrument flight conditions. With its very large cargo door measuring 52 by 53 inches, transporting your oversized cargo is a breeze. The aircraft can quickly be configured to transport cargo and/or up to nine passengers, and it can also be swiftly converted into an air ambulance with its approved stretcher kit.

Designed to perform short field takeoff and landing manoeuvres on challenging terrain, the PC-12 is also suitable for urban areas. The plane’s versatility, safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and comfort make it a wise choice for your travel needs.

PILATUS PC-12 - Config

Additional features of the PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is a well-build, ultra-modern and sophisticated aircraft. It was specifically designed to far exceed the requirements of civil aviation authorities for commercial single-engine instrument flights.

The leading cause of aviation accidents is fatigue due to human factors. Aircraft performance, instrumentation, flight controls and design integrity all facilitate the task of pilots and increase the safety of instrument flight. Thanks to these features, the PC-12 is single-pilot certified for passenger flights in instrument flight conditions: a first in the world. Panorama Aviation exceeds this requirement, operating each flight with a two-pilot crew.

The Pilatus PC-12’s engine has an unmatched reputation. Its flying range, fuel handling and climb performance also make this one of the safest aircraft available today.

Additional features of the PC-12

  • Excellent climb performance: 25,000 feet in 18 minutes
  • Very low stall speed compared to twin-engine aircraft and excellent handling at low speeds, particularly in the event of engine failure
  • Powerful powertrain (one of the most reliable in the world): 1,605 SHP capacity but uses only 1,200 SHP for operation, thereby extending engine life and ensuring greater reliability during flight
  • High fuel capacity and a wide radius of action, allowing the aircraft to operate in remote and difficult areas
  • Advanced instrumentation and systems
  • Enhanced protection against icing
  • Large emergency oxygen system

The PC-12 is designed to perform short field takeoff and landing manoeuvres. With its superior cruise speed and operating range and its ability to land on remote runways, the PC-12 is the best aircraft of its class. These features allow it to travel in northern regions, where airports are far and where the terrain is challenging.

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