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No matter the destination, Panorama Aviation can take you there! We cover a vast territory and ensure the highest comfort and safety standards for our passengers. Our work ethic is our priority, and you can always count on our friendly and highly qualified staff.

Our flights are safe, equipped with the latest technology and available at competitive prices. Our steady growth and repeat business from clients speak for themselves.

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Medical evacuation (medevac)

Our flexibility and swift response time are key to the success of our missions. Thanks to its versatility, operating range and ability to land on a wide range of surfaces, the PC-12 is particularly well suited for air ambulance operations. Working in partnership with specialized agencies, we have conducted numerous missions since we launched our operations. During each mission, the patient’s comfort and safety are our top priorities.

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The PC-12 is an exceptional aircraft for cargo transport. Its body is among the largest in its class and the aircraft features two separate cabin entrances. The PC-12 is equipped with a very large cargo door measuring 52 by 53 inches. It can be rapidly reconfigured to transport freight, up to nine passengers and up to two patients on stretchers. With its seats removed, the aircraft provides a longitudinal surface of up to 15 feet.

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