Panorama announces the establishment of a new base in Quebec City

Panorama announces the establishment of a new base in Quebec City

As part of a strategic expansion to strengthen its presence in the Capitale-Nationale and better serve its customers, Panorama Aviation announces the opening of a new base in Quebec City. This initiative also aims to support the development and construction of infrastructure in Northern Canada and Quebec. To meet the diverse needs of its clients, Panorama is deploying two aircraft: a Beechcraft 1900D and a Pilatus PC-12, capable of handling passenger, cargo, or combined flights.

The company is establishing itself within the strategic facilities of TSAS Avjet at Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport (CYQB). By setting up operations at this location, Panorama Aviation aims to significantly contribute to the development of infrastructure in remote regions. This initiative allows for the optimization of resources and capacities, thereby offering more efficient and tailored air transport solutions to meet the needs of infrastructure projects in the North.

The continued strategic support of Corpo Aviation will also enable Panorama Aviation to further expand its service offerings and respond more effectively to its clients’ needs while ensuring high-quality service.



“The opening of this new base demonstrates our flexibility in quickly responding to our clients’ needs and aligns with our mission: to support them in their evolving needs. By strengthening our presence in the region, we aim not only to ensure the growth and continuity of our brand but also to remain flexible and responsive to market changes.”

– Jimmy Emond, President of Corpo Aviation

With the Beechcraft 1900D and Pilatus PC-12 positioned at this new base in Quebec City, Panorama Aviation meets the needs of its clients optimally. The Beechcraft 1900D, has a payload of 4100 lbs, is a robust aircraft, and can carry up to 18 passengers, making it a preferred option for combined flights. On the other hand, the Pilatus PC-12, with its versatility and ability to land on short and unpaved runways, facilitates the transport of passengers and cargo to remote regions. These aircraft provide fast and economical solutions, meeting the growing demand for resource transport and charter flights to remote regions.

We remind you that Panorama Aviation is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. To mark this significant milestone, the company is updating its brand image. Panorama will soon unveil its new logo and a special livery, symbolizing its continued commitment to innovation and excellence in the aviation industry.