Corpo Aviation, a new air charter provider, is taking off to serve Quebec businesses!

Corpo Aviation, a new air charter provider, is taking off to serve Quebec businesses!

The carrier has the most recent aircraft fleet in the province

Montreal, Wednesday, September 20, 2017 – Corpo Aviation, a new air charter provider, is officially launching its operations to better serve the needs of Quebec businesses. With a fleet of modern aircraft, a dynamic team, highly qualified pilots and high quality standards, Corpo Aviation is setting its sights on becoming the leading air carrier in regional Quebec within the next few years. Backed by a group of private-sector companies investing more than $30 million over five years, the company will quickly make a name for itself as a key air charter provider in the province.

Corpo Aviation’s service offering currently includes two Pilatus PC-12 turboprop aircraft, which are the most recent in their class available on the market, as well as two service bases, one in Montreal–Saint-Hubert and the other in Alma. Other bases are scheduled to open in the coming months. The company will gradually add other aircraft to their offer so that they can highlight the advantages of each one.

“I am proud to represent Corpo Aviation, a company that is sure to grow over the next few years thanks to its seasoned aviation professionals”

– Jacynthe Blanchard, Vice President, Business Development at Corpo Aviation.

“Our president Jimmy Émond is leading a young and dynamic team whose determination and experience will make it possible for us to offer Quebec companies high-quality, competitive services.”

Count on Corpo Aviation for your corporate travel!

Corpo Aviation’s goal is to provide the services that Quebec businesses need, including on-demand charters, corporate agreements for high-volume travel, and the possibility of acquiring exclusive aircraft. In fact, these are just some of the flexible options the carrier offers. Corpo Aviation also offers various rate types, including annual corporate agreements with no minimum fees, membership fees or cancellation fees. The company is the first to offer preferred-rate corporate agreements for companies with high travel needs.

“Here in Quebec, there’s a need for a new air service that can better respond to the requirements of our home-grown businesses”

Jimmy Emond, President of Corpo Aviation.

“Corpo Aviation will consider your company’s size, location, industry and number of travellers when determining what type of personalized service and which of our aircraft would be right for your needs.”

The Pilatus PC-12: versatile and reliable

The Pilatus PC-12 turboprop aircraft is both modern and reliable. It exceeds the standards set by the international organizations that govern civil aviation for commercial flights. This versatile aircraft can be configured to transport cargo or up to nine passengers. It costs less to operate than its rivals and can take off or land on gravel or dirt runways. That’s why it is an increasingly popular choice for travel to remote areas in Canada. With a cruising speed of 460 km/h and a very large loading door, the Pilatus PC-12 can meet a wide range of business needs in major urban centres or regional destinations.

Corpo Aviation strives to meet the highest safety standards on board our aircraft. All of our pilots are trained on sophisticated flight simulators and according to the industry’s strictest standards.