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The Pilatus PC-12

Swiss-made revolutionary aircraft designed for a northern operation.

In operation since 1989, there are already over 1200 PC-12 in operation worldwide. Single turbo-prop, it is the only aircraft of its class to be approved for the transport of passengers in instrument flight conditions. With is huge cargo door of 52 X 53 inches we can easily carry your oversized cargo. It can be configured quickly to carry the cargo and / or up to 9 passengers. This aircraft can also be configured quickly as an air ambulance with his approved stretcher kit. Designed to perform short takeoff and landing on unprepared field, the PC-12 also found its vocation in urban area. Versatile, safe, efficient, economic and comfortable make this airplane a wise choice for travelling.


Power :

Turbine Pratt and Whitney PT6A-67B
Cruising Speed :

(250 kts)
Up to:

Cabin :

height : 4.8 ft
lenght : 16.9 ft

Weight :

Empty : 5732
Max : 9921 Lbs

Size :

Wingspan : 53.3 pieds
Lenght : 47.3 pieds
Height : 14 pieds

The Pilatus PC-12 is an ultra-modern aircraft, well built and great sophistication. It was specially designed to far exceed the requirements of various civil aviation agencies for commercial single-engine instrument flights.

Across all categories, the leading cause of aviation accidents is fatigue due to human factors. Aircraft performance, instrumentation, flight controls and the integrity of the design are all elements that facilitate the task of the pilots and increase the safety level of instrument flight.

The PC 12 further has:

  • Excellent climb performance, 18 minutes to reach 25,000 feet;
  • Outstanding ability to glide for 32 minutes over a distance of 150 km at cruising altitude;
  • Very low stall speed landing compared to twin-engine and very good handling characteristics at low speed, particularly in case of engine failure;
  • A powerful powertrain, one of the most reliable in the world, 1605 SHP but only using 1200 SHP for its operation. By underrating power, this extend engine life and ensures greater reliability during flight;
  • A large fuel capacity and a large radius of action that allow the aircraft to operate in remote and difficult to area;
  • Advanced instrumentation and systems;
  • Increased protection against icing; and
  • An emergency oxygen system.

The PC-12 appears as short takeoff and landing aircraft. Thus, with a higher cruise speed, greater operating range and its capacity to land on various remote runways, the PC-12 is the better aircraft from its class, compared to its competitors. These features allowed him to travel in northern areas, where airports are far and where the fields are unprepared.